Season 4:

I wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall for the conversation when Jensen and Jared got their scripts for “Heaven and Hell” and “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and found out they’d each have sex scenes in back to back episodes.

They’re doing a riff on The Heat with two female sheriffs….

Please tell me it’s Jodi and the cop from The Purge!

My favorite part of the Supernatural season 10 sneak preview is when Hannah sort of expresses some feeling for Cas and his face is just like “Bitch, please. I got a boyfriend.” 



Sam Winchester had sex with a werewolf.

Sam Winchester REALLY loves dogs.

I wish we’d gotten Sam’s reaction to the events of “It’s a Terrible Life” even if it had just been him making fun of Dean for being on a cleanse.

Demon!dean doing “Anaconda” at karaoke.

  • Coworker: It's when I stopped looking that I found her.
  • Me: I do not give a shit anymore if I never even find someone who will take me on a date.
  • Where the fuck is my soulmate?